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We’ve been a part of digital market for many years

And there are many more yet to come! We began our creative path as a small agency CreativePeople on the 1st of April in 2003. Since then we have successfully assembled a well-coordinated team, built up effective business processes and coped with dozens of deadlines.

Advantages of work with us

Advantages of work with us

An incredible start of the career

First off, you’ll work with such major companies as Canon, Yota, KIA, “Megafon”, Stada CIS, VitrA, “Polus”, “Ekonika”. And your senior colleagues, who came over many negotiations, corrections and tight timelines, are always ready to share their experience.
Advantages of work with us

Challenging tasks

The question “What are we going to do today?” never arises. As far as we know it is high time to take over the world. Of course, we’ve got the tactics we adhere to.
Advantages of work with us

Professional advancement

The secret of inevitable personal growth of our employees is simple: we nourish them with interesting lectures and serious projects on a regular basis. Initiative remains unpunished and curiosity is encouraged.
Advantages of work with us

Awesome team

Freelance is good, but CPeople is better. There is nothing we enjoy more than creating a high-end project. Such a mission seems to be impossible if operating solo, but with cool colleagues you get a can-do attitude.

Market Leader

Thanks to well-coordinated and hard work we consistently get high ranks in branch ratings.
Rating of RuNet
Rating of the best Web developers
Digital Design & Creative
Rating of design studios in digital

We are proud of our projects


We create both outstanding and functional images working on emotional and rational levels of branding perception.

We have created the most unconventional identity for PSA (private security agency). This rebranding for the group of companies “Legis” received 4 festival awards. Check out our video with a dog and a swarm of triangles. Watch

We have retained historical legacy in the identity for the loft-territory “Moscow Silk” and got 4 more festival awards. Check out the way we give new life to pre-revolutionary patterns. Watch


We make various high-end creative projects. Support communities in social networks, scripts for videos, promo-sites, wintery swims by the Kremlin etc.

We have contrived an idea of a hamster who has bought an apartment within the Moscow Ring Road. Yep exactly that. After watching the video you’ll have a strong wish to buy an apartment in New Moscow. Watch

We have written a script for a video about an enamored boy. See what part tile plays in this love story. Watch the case

We have created thousands of ideas, postings, emojis, gifs and silver Tagline award for communities of YOTA mobile phone provider in social networks.


We perform all the works in creating websites, our main specialties are design and creative solutions.

We won Grand Prix at “Golden Site” 2016 with the site of the largest gold-mining company in Russia called “Polyus” Continue to the site

We demonstrated what can be made from 193 million tons of metal on the site of “Metalloinvest” company. Continue to the site

We have drawn the whole site with water-colors for ichance in collaboration with illustrator from Malta. Continue to the site


We help to attract new users, raise conversion and improve efficiency.

Hundreds of hours every month we analyze and improve design, assisting online store of unusual presents “Presentstar” to sell tank safari and jet fighter flights. Continue to the site

We assist hundreds of women by supporting fashion brands.

Our team

Already 90 heroes, let’s meet some of us.

“We’re not dreaming, we’re setting goals and achieving them”

Ksenia Tsvetkova

“Work for love and joy.”

Lena Khanova

“It’s hard to sell what you don’t like, and even harder to love what you don’t know.”

Olga Valentinovna

“We don’t follow trends. We create them”

Alexander Kowalsky

“Creative badass”

Sergei Kaluzhnyi

“Got a problem? Sounds great! Let’s solve it”

Sergei Prokofiev
Our team

Got a problem? Sounds great! Let’s solve it

I've been working in CreativePeople for many years - my whole conscious working life. During this time, we have faced various tasks, but we could always find a solution. And this solution was beautiful.

Sergei Prokofiev
Our team

Creative badass

The only creative director who crossed the Moskva River in a bathtub as promised to the client. And you say “Cannes lions”.

Sergei Kaluzhnyi
Creative director
Our team

We don’t follow trends. We create them

I don’t like to create projects and concepts on my own. My partners and colleagues are my inspiration, love these warm cozy moments when they synchronize with my thoughts and we begin to complement each other’s ideas very well.

Alexander Kowalsky
Design director
Our team

It’s hard to sell what you don’t like, and even harder to love what you don’t know.

The key components of a sale are customer knowledge, market understanding, and interest in your product. Being in the context of a turbulent world, we learn from the client every day, get inspired by the team, and develop ourselves. This is a university inside Cpeople.

Olga Valentinovna
Head of Sales Department
Our team

Work for love and joy.

CreativePeople has a special atmosphere created by a close-knit team that allows you to work smoothly and feel like a single whole even when you are in different cities.

Lena Khanova
Head of HR Department
Our team

We’re not dreaming, we’re setting goals and achieving them

My team is business people. With them, we can decompose even a flight to Venus into clear tasks, build a spaceship with our own hands and meet all the deadlines. And be sure that with such a space team we will make it!

Ksenia Tsvetkova
Production director

Current vacancies

We are developing, amount of projects and branches grows, thus, the team is expanding actively.

No suitable vacancies?

If you want to become a part of our team but haven’t found suitable vacancy, e-mail us at

Introduce yourself, tell us in what direction you’d like to develop, don’t forget about links to your projects, portfolio and your profiles in social networks, we’d like to know you better.

By the way, by sending your CV and other personal data to the indicated e-mail, you agree to the processing of personal data according to our Privacy policy.

On the inside

Feel our vibes
Команда мечты.
Необычное кипарисовое озеро недалеко от Анапы, где мы катались на лодках и гуляли.
Виноградники Анапы и много много нас после дегустации вина.
Уроки каллиграфии в офисе.
Ежегодный летний корпоратив на море. Тут мы в Анапе катались на джипах.
Любим играть в настолки после работы. Наш фаворит эки воки.
Арт-директор и дизайнеры обсуждают 376 оттенков зелёного.
Этим фото мы отвечаем на вопрос как вы видите своего идеального сотрудника.
От заката до рассвета в Анапе.
Неутомимые волейболисты попробовали пляжный волейбол.
Подпеваем под гитару "Батарейка". Играет группхэд Digital & Creative, он же Гриша, он же бас гитарист рок группы.
Быстрее. Выше. Сильнее. Или сборная CreativePeople по волейболу.
Когда четыре менеджера на одного разработчика.
Команда Digital & Creative.
Команда Sales.
Мы на набережной Абрау-Дюрсо после дегустации шампанского.
Традиционная новогодняя вечеринка, поздравления и подарки от тайного Санты.
Весёлая распаковка подарков в исполнении Саши и Серёжи.
На пляже в Серебряном Бору. Играли в волейбол, катались на вейкборде и даже попробовали флайборд.
Играем в джаст денс, танцы просто захватили тогда все наши вечеринки где бы мы ни были.
Поздравили все вместе CreativePeople с днём рождения.
А тут большая часть команды департамента Research & Development.
Без джаст денса мы всё еще никуда, у нас однозначно танцевальная зависимость.
Туристы на ледоколе. Нам не повезло с погодой, но очень повезло с компанией.
Команда из разных городов в сборе.
Гордимся нашими наградами.